KoRo(Incense burner)

Japanese Ko-incense has been used to purify, cleanse, and unwind for a thousand years. Ko(香) means fragrance, ro(炉)means burner in Japanese. I always burn Ko-incense with this burner before cooking class. Burning Ko-incense means welcoming guests to the home in the way of tea ceremony. Flowing gentle wisp of smoke and natural fragrance makes me purify and bring tranquility. This incense burner is traditional Kyoto pottery with beautiful classic pattern. Filled with incense ash up to half inside the burner and put burning incense on it to use. There are various shapes of incense and fragrances, also various types of burners, holders, and trays for practical use. Japanese Ko-incense is good for relaxation and meditation. Soft fragrances allow you to give yourself time and space away from the hassles of everyday living.