Kaishi (pocket paper)

When eating traditional Japanese sweets, have you ever seen it served on a piece of paper? This paper like a doily is called Kaishi (懐紙). Hundreds of years ago, people carry folded Kaishi and tucked inside the front of kimono using as a handkerchief or tissue. We don’t carry it any more wearing western cloths, it is mainly used at tea ceremony or kaiseki meals. For laying paper such as tempura, the paper absorbs excess oil. For a saucer when you bring food to your mouth, for wrapping when handing a little sweet…,  Kaishi can be used in many ways, so even now they are sold at gift shops or stationary store. There are ones with different colors, designs, many various of Kaishi are sold.

和紙専門店Washi-nary 和紙専門店Washi-naryは、美濃和紙の故郷岐阜県美濃市にある“感性を刺激する和紙専門店”。手すき・機械すきの美濃和紙をはじめ和紙原紙の和紙専門店。和紙の原料問屋だった...