Kago box (bento box woven with bamboo)

There are many kinds of bento box in Japan, some of them are traditional crafts such as a kago box. Kago means basket in Japanese. Intricate bamboo knitting makes for beautiful pattern that goes through the entire box, inside the lid. Bamboo is breathable and lightweight and has anti-bacterial properties, so it is good for carrying lunch or picnic! Better line with parchment paper inside the box when you put Onigiri and tiny cups for putting side dishes. It is suitable to hold sandwiches, vegetables, snacks.

Live Green
Handmade Braided Bamboo Bento Box – Natural Food Carry - Live Green The Braided Bamboo Bento Box is an all-natural, hand-made lunch box to bring fresh food and snacks wherever you go; ideal in combination with a Furoshiki.